Membership Fee Structure

Admission Fee Rs 500

Monthly Membership Rs 1000

Yearly Membership Rs 9999

Per day Guest Fee Rs 500/-

Personal Training Rs 5000

Uniform Fee Structure as per selected package

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Services Offered by GSR GYM

Courses Offered


Figure Control

Strength Training

Cardio Training

Our Specialty:

Motivation and Guidance about healthy habits.

Experienced trainers.

Special Training for members who require recruitment based physique and specifications.

Personal training for men and women.

Special Training and care for Children.

Custom made training and exercises for physically challenged people.

Weight loss safely in short term.

Weight gain and figure control in short term.

                   GSR GYM Personal Training

Personal Training
We will help you to achieve the best results in the quickest possible time. If you lack motivation, we be the motivator to you. We can train you to your full potential with Schedule system. You need fat loss, want to increase in muscle size and strength, or simply just be fitter to cope with the everyday stresses of life; Our coaching can help you to achieve these goals in the safest, quickest way. With Personal Training Sessions we offer you nutritional guidance also according to your needs.

                                               PERSONAL TRAINING SPECIALS
Gym Introduction and Training Program
Personal Training Sessions
Nutrition Consultation & Customized Eating Plan

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