Membership Fee Structure

Admission Fee Rs 500

Monthly Membership Rs 1000

Yearly Membership Rs 9,999

Per day Guest Fee Rs 500

Personal Training Rs 5000

Uniform Fee Structure as per selected package

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Nutrition and Supplements


Do you know that 80% of your results come from your daily food intake? Proper Nutrition is required to improve your results. So, we will give a well balanced healthy eating plan to you, that helps you feel and look better, that leads to toned physique you have always wanted. And also we advice you on the correct foods to eat and how certain foods can work better for you during different times of the day.


Nutritional supplements are also available, and we can inform you of what types of protein powders to use and how to use them correctly, as well as advice on creatine and other sports supplements.

All of our classes are taken by fully qualified coach and with planned schedules will get you into shape fast - "guaranteed“.

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